Recompression Support


When undertaking commercial diving operations, there are many situations where onsite recompression facilities are either advisable or mandated by Australian Standards.

Fremantle Commercial Diving own and operate a mobile recompression chamber (Advanced Marine serial number 09-T-410-07-2046) housed in a temperature controlled offshore rated lifting container (Lloyds register approval COV1021525). This facility is maintained in accordance with applicable Australian and IMCA standards, has an in-build carbon dioxide scrubber system and has a dedicated supply of 90m3 of oxygen and 230m3 of high pressure air that is permanently paired with the chamber.

This chamber also has a dedicated DMAC15 medical kit including all required drugs that are approved by the Department of Health to accompany the chamber, even when not associated with a vessel. This chamber is kept in operational readiness and is available to support our in-house diving operations or is available for hire (depending on availability).