About Watertight Robotics


Following ongoing consultation with several organisations, FCD was proud to launch the first Indigenous Commercial Diving Traineeship in Australia.

This program provides an opportunity for a young indigenous person to obtain full time employment at FCD with ongoing training and support to become a fully accredited part 2 commercial diver.

This program is aimed at equality in the workplace and helping to close the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. Development of this program involved consultation with a significant number of stakeholders to identify potential barriers and create a structure and support system that plans for success. The program is innovative in that it is not aimed at offering entry level employment, it is aimed at rapid skills development in a highly specialised field. The point of difference is to invest heavily in training and career development at an early stage to offer the candidate rapid career progression.

After a 6-month recruitment process in partnership with Clontarf Foundation, our first candidate, a young indigenous male, started full time work with FCD in early January 2017. He is now a fulltime accredited part 2 commercial diver and remains employed with FCD where he continues to receive ongoing training and support from the FCD family.