FCD Projects


Fremantle Commercial Diving have successfully completed thousands of dive contracts. A small subsection of projects showing a diversity of industries and client requirements is shown here.

bhp maintenance

Fremantle Commercial Diving is the sole provider of underwater tank cleaning and inspection services to BHP Iron Ore. We have been providing these services to BHP for over 12 years […]

outfall pipe span

In early 2017 FCD constructed 3 subsea support structures to rectify free spanning on an ocean outfall pipeline. Seabed was initially removed to uncover the stable bedrock before steel formwork […]

desalination plant maintenance

Since 2009 Fremantle Commercial Diving have been the sole suppliers of diving services to the Perth Seawater Desalination Plant located at Kwinana […]

water corp potable water tanks

Fremantle Commercial Diving remain the sole provider of underwater tank cleaning and inspection services to the Water Corporation of Western Australia. We have been providing these services for over 30 […]

guilford road bridge

In 2016 FCD undertook an extensive pile remediation project on the Guildford Road Bridge with Jomar Contracting. Work included pile encapsulation and grouting using two different product systems, pile wrapping […]

tank leak detection

In March 2014, Fremantle Commercial Diving were requested to assist with the reline of a 25 million litre water tank at a remote WA mine site. A project to reline the tank was nearing completion, however minimal […]

desalination plant works

Throughout 2013 and 2014, Fremantle Commercial Diving conducted works to Western Australia’s largest desalination plant, operated and maintained by the […]