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The task of selecting an appropriate diving contractor can often be a confusing one. Commercial diving is heavily regulated and compliance requirements will often span multiple jurisdictions including Australian law, international guidance documents and manufacturers recommendations.

The task of simply understanding what the requirements are for a particular job can require significant specialist knowledge. When selecting a diving contractor the first consideration should be safety. Diving is a high risk occupation that is often unforgiving of complacency. A responsible contractor should be able to demonstrate a thorough management system that appropriately addresses risk within the legislative framework that it operates. A responsible diving contractor should be able to demonstrate several of the following:

  • Diving Operations manual
  • Safety Management Plan
  • Extensive procedures and work instructions
  • Management systems accredited to ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 or 4801
  • External awards or endorsements of management systems
  • Accreditation to work for global major organisations
  • Ongoing internal auditing
  • Maintenance of equipment to manufacturers standards by qualified personnel
  • Compliance with relevant legislation
  • Credible and transparent reporting of incidents

Additional considerations include the ability to utilise enriched gas, experience in particular fields of diving, specialist qualifications, in-house resources, quality and transparency of reporting and client testimonials. It is important to look for an experienced management team with a strong in-house knowledge base and a holistic approach to jobs. When assessing a contractor for suitability to a job it is important to look beyond simply comparing quoted day rates. An organised and well-resourced dive team will deliver multiple times the productivity of a dis-organised one. Reputable contractors will often consider risk sharing with clients to hard price or cap costs on jobs so that true comparisons of costs can be made.

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