FCD Skyhook


FCD execute considerable amounts of work each year cleaning and inspecting water tanks. The design and condition of these tanks is variable, and not all tanks have inbuilt fall arrest or rescue components. In an effort to lower the risk profile associated with this work, FCD and The Lifting Company have developed The SkyHook MK4, a unique truck mounted mobile fall arrest system.

Designed and built to meet all Australian Standards the Skyhook MK4 is the first unit of its kind in Australia and has been awarded the Worksafe WA Health and Safety invention of the year 2017.

Manufactured to AS1891 and AS5532, the SkyHook MK4 has a reach of 25 m high and 13 m radius. In a scenario where there is no WAH and/or rescue equipment installed on an asset or the available equipment is deemed inappropriate for use, the SkyHook MKIV provides a rated overhead anchor point for 2 persons.

In addition to rated WAH anchor points, the SkyHook MK4 also provides a rated overhead anchor point suitable for rescue recovery of an injured person.

The anchor point can be used to both rescue an injured person from inside a water tank and to lower a casualty over the side of a tank without the need to reconfigure systems. Work area lighting is provided at the attachment point along with cameras providing a live video feed to the operator via a monitor located on the trucks control panel.

Through the development and ongoing use of this device FCD are setting new standards Nationally for safety when working on elevated water tanks. The Skyhook MK4 was awarded Worksafe WA Safety and Health invention of the year in 2017.


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