watertight robotics


Dredge Robotics

World-leading dredging technology designed for non-potable applications in the wastewater, processing, industrial, manufacturing and mining sectors. Purpose-built to operate in lined and non-lined ponds, process tanks, cooling towers, covered anaerobic lagoons, chemical ponds, reservoirs and turkeys nests. Our proprietary dredging robots allow assets to remain fully operational during dredging, and is low risk as it completely removes the need for human entry.

For more information please visit www.dredgerobotics.com.au

Watertight Robotics

Globally unique robotic technology for potable asset cleaning, extensively trialled and evaluated by major Australian utilities.  We build and operate potable-grade robots for specific cleaning applications including lined tanks, steel tanks, concrete tanks, elevated tanks, covered lagoons and in-ground reservoirs. Our standards for water quality are underpinned by the Australian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines and our proprietary robots feature potable-grade lubricants, double mechanical seals, and stainless-steel construction to ensure the preservation of water quality during use.

For more information please visit www.watertightrobotics.com.au