Diving Tank Cleaning


Although potable water tank cleaning and inspection may sound simple, this highly specialised field presents many risks that must be addressed in order to execute the task in a safe and professional manner.

There is currently a lot of conflicting information in the market regarding the application of diving vs ROV for tank cleaning and inspection and it is often difficult to find the supporting facts for some claims made. FCD offer both ROV and diving services for tank cleaning and maintain senior staff with degrees in water quality disciplines. We pride ourselves on providing unbiased advice on this subject supported by over 30 years of tank cleaning experience.

diving tank cleaning

Considerations when planning this type of work can include:

  • Safe execution of commercial diving to relevant standards
  • Working at heights
  • Rescue planning
  • Altitude
  • Recompression support
  • Lifting heavy equipment and ROVs onto tank rooves
  • Disposal of waste water
  • Fluctuating water depths throughout cleaning
  • Tank construction
  • Controlling turbidity and chlorine residuals
  • Ensuring all equipment is dedicated to potable water diving
  • Hygiene protocols prior to putting equipment into tanks

FCD maintains multiple international alliances and partnerships with world leading companies who specialise in the field of tank cleaning.  These alliances allow us to offer incredibly water efficient cleaning technology that removes 100% of sediment quickly and safely, even in lined tanks.  We undertake over 200 potable tank cleans every year, why not use our experienced team to help plan your next tank cleaning program?


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