Diving Potable


Fremantle Commercial Diving has multiple truck-mounted dive spreads devoted purely to potable water diving. These diving systems are physically tagged to indicate they are only for use in potable water and tracked accordingly in our preventative maintenance system. These spreads are fully self contained units comprising a full commercial dive spread, high-end video systems, mobile workshop, specialised rescue and working at heights equipment.

We offer a complete range of cost effective potable water diving and ROV services, including:

  • High quality tank and reservoir cleaning and inspection
  • Emergency response call outs including HAZMAT grade diving for biological pathogen detections
  • Leak detection and underwater repairs using potable grade products
  • Maintenance and modification of tanks and reservoirs
  • Non-destructive testing conducted by appropriately qualified divers
  • Temporary and permanent blanking of pipework
  • Dam structure inspection, maintenance and major works
  • Anode inspection and replacement
  • Consultancy

Our potable grade diving services are backed up by an experienced management team including several personnel with degrees in water quality disciplines. We have written procedures and risk registers for all tasks undertaken and can offer chlorine and turbidity monitoring during cleaning and inspection tasks. Our alliances with multiple leading organisations overseas provide us with world leading cleaning systems for diving based work. Our recent development of the Skyhook Mark 4 fall prevention system with The Lifting Company allows us to offer the highest standard of heights safety on all water tank jobs independently of tank infrastructure

potable diving

Clients who utilise our potable water diving services can rely on the following benefits:

  • No need to drain tanks
  • No interruption to service delivery
  • Easy location and repair of leaks
  • Comprehensive reporting on asset condition
  • Reduced levels of chlorine required to hold residuals
  • Reduced risk of naegleria and bacterial pathogens
  • Removal of 100% of the sediment build-up from the tank
  • No need for confined space entry
  • Availability of comprehensive NDT services
  • Full safety compliance with all relevant Australian Standards

To find out how our services can benefit your organisation contact us for an obligation free discussion.


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To find out how our services can benefit your organisation contact us for an obligation free discussion.