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Health and Safety

Health and Safety is a fundamental value at Fremantle Commercial Diving, we are committed to maintaining a culture of safety at all levels and to remain progressive and proactive in continuous improvement of our work practices. Our Safety Management System has been accredited to ISO9001-2015.

Key components of health and safety management at FCD are:

  • A complete safety management system integrated into our quality management system and supported by our company intranet and HSEC database;
  • Constant training and mentoring to improve the skills and knowledge of teams;
  • High quality infrastructure, plant and equipment;
  • Compliance to AS2299.1 as a minimum, exceeding this where required;
  • A culture of positive internal and external communication throughout all levels of the business; and
  • Continual improvement of the occupational health and safety system through review, monitoring and performance analysis against indicators and targets.

Fremantle Commercial Diving have implemented many health and safety initiatives, with recent work including design and fabrication of a tank rescue davit to improve working at heights safety and rescue capabilities, tank rescue training for all field personnel, supervisor and management training to build communication and leadership skills amongst senior personnel.

To view our complete Health and Safety Policy, please click here.


We understand the protection of our natural environment is essential for the function of a healthy ecosystem and integral to the successful delivery of our services. Our environmental management systems have been accredited to ASNZS 4801-2001 standard. Our overarching environmental objective is to complete all activities with minimal impact on the community and the terrestrial, freshwater, marine and coastal environments in which we work.

Environmental considerations within our integrated management system include:

  • Comprehensive planning and subsequent provision of adequate resources and work procedures to protect the environment from potential impacts from our work;
  • Continual review and monitoring of environmental management throughout job delivery; and
  • Maintain resources and procedures to react to an environmental incident at all work sites.

To view our company Environmental Policy, please click here.


Quality is a fundamental business objective at Fremantle Commercial Diving, we aim to provide a safe, professional commercial diving service that delivers exceptional results to clients.
Our quality management system is ISO 14001-2015 accredited and is underpinned by a philosophy of continuous improvement. Our commitment to quality includes:

  • Establish and maintain a quality management system in accordance with ISO 14001-2015;
  • Set objectives and targets to measure performance and identify areas for improvement;
  • Maintain high quality infrastructure, plant and equipment;
  • Improve the skills and knowledge of all employees and work teams;
  • Foster a culture of effective internal and external communications; and
  • Conduct regular review of the quality system, policy and objectives.

To view our company Quality Policy, please click here.


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