Enriched Gas


Embracing the latest in diving technology, all of our diving systems at FCD are enriched gas capable. We have invested significantly in the latest generation nitrox generators and compressors capable of safely supplying enriched gas on even the most remote dive site.

Enriched gas, or nitrox, is simply normal breathing air with a portion of nitrogen removed from the mix, which is then replaced with additional oxygen. The reduced nitrogen in the gas mix allows the divers greatly increased bottom time, meaning fewer divers can produce the same results as a much larger dive team using air. Ultimately, this increases productivity and results in significant savings to the client.

To illustrate how effective the use of Nitrox can be, consider the following example:

A client wishes to undertake a diving inspection task in 17 metres of water. They aim to achieve 7 hours per day of bottom (productive) time, with no repetitive diving (only one dive, per diver, per day). According to DCIEM tables, as referenced by the Australian / New Zealand Standard for Occupational Diving Operations (AS/NZS 2299.1:2007), the no-decompression limit for a diver working in 17 metres of water breathing air is 50 minutes.

This means that each diver will achieve 50 minutes of productive time per day, therefore, to achieve 7 productive hours would require a team of 9 divers. If the same diving was undertaken using enriched gas, with an oxygen percentage of 39%, the no-decompression limit for each diver is increased 300% from 50 to 150 minutes, reducing the number of required divers from 9 down to 3. This reduction gives a massive saving to the client without compromising the safety of the job. This technology is here now, and at Fremantle Commercial Diving we use it on a daily basis to achieve greater productivity, whilst maintaining our outstanding commitment to safety


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