watertight robotics


Watertight Robotics is Australia’s largest provider of underwater robotic cleaning, dredging and inspection solutions to the drinking water, industrial, wastewater and mining sectors. By using surface-controlled, custom-built robots and ROVs, each dedicated to a sole purpose and water type, our specialist services can reduce risk, reduce cost and eliminate downtime.

Our robotics fleet encompasses the leading global technology for the type of work that we undertake including Scantron USA and Weda products, incorporating extensive modifications to better meet the needs of the Australian market. Our full time staff includes qualified electricians, mechanics and robot technicians who underpin our ongoing R&D program for these machines.

Watertight Robotics is a division of Fremantle Commercial Diving and is backed by an extensive asset base, comprehensive management systems and over 35 years of experience. Accordingly, our marketing claims are backed by real people, quality equipment and professional systems that we encourage our clients to audit.

To learn more about our underwater robotics services, go to www.watertightrobotics.com.au